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Uni was considerably pleased with how everything was moving according to plan.

Everything from the Countess’ accusations and the former maids’ testimonies.

Everything they said were done with Uni’s preparations. With the help of the brainwashing scent.

It was a tool Uni was familiar with. It was invented way before Drei got her magic eyes. While it pales in comparison to Drei’s magic eyes in terms of wait time and effectiveness, it was still sufficient to brainwash most people.

Uni had been abducted ― from her own point of view ― and did not carry with her the ingredients to concoct the brainwashing scent. However, Uni was an experienced adventurer who had been active around Broussonne. This was the Uni who Drei claimed was ‘not human’. She easily entered the dungeons around the city and collected the necessary ingredients.

There were apparently people hired by Marquis Lavallee to keep watch on Uni, but they were only observing from outside the residence. Once night fell and the curtains rolled, she could use her spell <<Greater Teleport>> and not be caught. If the observers were not highly proficient like the “masterpieces” Tullius created, then they would not have had any chance to even detect Uni’s killing intent, let alone spellcasting. That was how she could cast a high-level spell without being detected.

After gathering all the ingredients, she mixed them in a preparation room in the residence. For Uni, this was the most difficult task of them all. It was extremely inconvenient as the room was compact and the equipment was old. The first thought that came to her mind was that even the old underground lab at Oubeniel’s residence was far superior.

After the painstaking work of concocting the scent, she used it generously. She brainwashed everybody at the Cartan’s residence. Next, she tracked down the maids that had been fired and brainwashed them too. And that was how she arranged the events today.

To accomplish all these alone within a week was considerably difficult for Uni. Despite the results of it all currently being displayed in the courthouse, Tullius showed no signs of admiration.

(Master is expecting this level of effort from me...)

Uni began to feel a strange warm sensation in her head.

Her master trusted her to perform perfectly. He believed she would overcome the obstacles even after she helplessly fell under the trap of the enemy and became useless. He knew that she would recover from this.

Uni tried her hardest to fight off the gooey ecstasy she was feeling and maintained her expression. Anybody who was looking at her now would not notice anything amiss and yet, underneath it all, her emotions were like a swirling whirlpool of lava.

(...I have to concentrate on the trial.)

Uni braced herself mentally.

Whether or not she can return to the usual days of serving her master depended on this trial. By no means was this an easy walkover. At the moment, they had the upper hand but the opposing side included the master tactician Marquis Lavallee. Who knew what tricks he might pull when it came down to it.

“I think we have heard enough about the truth of Count Cartan’s misconduct.”

“Judge…! G-give me a chance to explain myself!”

“Do you have any evidence or witnesses?”


The Count choked on his words after being given a sharp glare from the judge.

He could not think of any evidence or witnesses to call. The usual list of people he might call ― his vassals ― were testifying against him.

There was no other evidence that could dispute the events that happened at home.

“No, right? Then your request is denied. I declare the defence lacks witnesses and evidence. The trial will proceed.”

Count Cartan’s appeal was ignored and the trial continued.

The indictment first accuses the Count of immorality at home. Second, stealing Uni from Tullius and finally, lying that Uni was his daughter. Among the three, it has been proven that the first was true. However, it did not mean the trial was now over.

Tullius’ winning condition is to get Uni back before plan D was executed. That means the longer the trial took, the greater chances of losing. That would mean abandoning Uni and escaping without her.

To avoid that, they have to accomplish a complete victory at this hearing today.

For Marquis Lavallee and Linus who were pulling the strings from behind to trap Tullius in the capital, they would welcome the prolonging of the court proceedings. They might have to tweak their plan slightly but nonetheless, there was enough time to continue with the plan to get Tullius married. They could just replace Uni with somebody else. There was no need to be fixated on using Count Cartan’s daughter. Any other girl from a noble family would be sufficient. Lavallee was not one to care about the minute details.

In any case, for Marquis Lavallee’s faction, all they had to do was to defend against one of the three accusations. Overall, Tullius was in a disadvantageous position.

...But since she stepped into the ring, Tullius joined in the fight.

“Next, we have the accusation that Count Cartan stole Tullius’ slave. Please elaborate, plaintiff.”

“Ah, yes.”

Tullius was prompted by the judge since he was the victim who had his slave robbed from him.

As Tullius leisurely walked towards the witness stand, Uni smiled as though she was looking at something dazzling.

“Hm...one week ago, Volden Count Linus Strein Oubeniel held a wedding ceremony.”

Tullius began to talk.

Linus, who was most probably attended the trial as a visitor, would be grimacing when his name was called by her master.

“Count Cartan and Madam Josephine saw my slave, Uni and...”

My slave. Uni felt utterly blessed to be called that. The vibrations in the air translated into bliss all around her head.

“The Count was surprised to see black hair and green eyes similar to his mistress, Anna Marie, in her. Immediately after, he fell in love at first sight and used her similar traits as an excuse to ask me, the rightful owner of Uni to...”

He even said ‘rightful owner’! He declared loudly that she, the lowly slave, was owned by him in front of the array of nobles seated here!

Uni was no longer bothered by her emotions. It had already gone beyond the normal emotional senses. Her stomach painfully contracted and she could feel her heart racing.

Naturally, she made sure to conceal all of that. It was completely foolish to behave inappropriately during the trial at the High Court.

She placed her hand on her chest while maintaining her blank look.

“...hand her over. At that time, I was considering the legitimacy behind the request, on whether he was lying that Uni was his child.”

“Objection! Anrietta is my child!”

Count Cartan interrupted in an unsightly manner.

How unpleasant, cutting into master’s speech like that. Uni fumed.

Once again, the judge went for the wooden clapper bell.

“Rejected. I have not asked for your opinion.”


“Thank you, judge. ...Well, let’s continue. I did not reject the Count’s request. After all, Marquis Lavallee was present and he shared the same opinion with Count Cartan. Was there any room for me to decline when I am so young? Thus, I let go of Uni, who was wailing and crying. I waited for the law — your honour — to one day restore the truth. ...That is all.”

Tullius ended his speech.

No matter how you looked at it, it was a tragedy. Her most important collar, which had never left her skin for 11 years, broke off that night. Her collar was infused with magic and would grow to match her body. That was why that collar represented her growth and her memories with Tullius.

She had endless grudges against Lavallee and Cartan for cornering her master to break the collar himself.

As Uni was silently contemplating, the judge looked in Cartan’s direction.

“The accused. Do you have any counter-arguments?”

“...Yes! Judge!”

The Count mustered all his willpower and answered.

He seemed to have recovered quickly from the earlier setback. His magical potential and his stubbornness did resemble his behaviour.

Ignorant that his blood related daughter was getting sick and tired of him, Count Cartan puffed up in pride and stated his argument.

“Tullius Oubeniel is lying!”

“Which part of it was a lie?”

“It is definitely a lie that he is claiming that she isn’t my daughter! This man agreed that Anrietta was indeed my daughter!”

Looks like the second accusation was in the bag. Uni smiled.

The aim of this second accusation was to have the Count say that. They had planned for him to say that from the very beginning. She was not the one who came up with this plan. Tullius came up with this plan on that very night.


Tullius immediately raised an objection.

“I don’t remember saying anything of that sort?”

He declared with complete confidence.

He refuted the claim without a shred of shame. Uni could sense the peacefulness and formality in his expression. Ever since he arrived at his seat, Uni had been unfortunate to not have caught a glimpse of his face. However, being able to see his straightened back in an imposing manner was plenty for her.

Leaving that aside, Count Cartan flew into a rage at Tullius’ denial.

“What in god's name are you saying!? Didn’t you free my daughter from her collar and handed her over!?”

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