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(What a hot-tempered person...)

Just as Uni was annoyed, she remembered how she would sometimes lose her cool when it had to do with her master. Their similar tempers did make them seem like parent and child.

“Oh? How could I have forgotten what I said back then? Right, Uni?”

Her master looked over and she nodded.

He was trying to confirm that she had made preparations

Of course, she had already brainwashed Count Cartan too. She had already brainwashed everybody in the Cartan’s residence. Why would she make the head of family an exception? As much as possible, she had to do something about this man so that she could return to her master.

“...I-I remember now.”

“Then could you repeat exactly what I said?”

“Of course. You said... ‘Since it has come to this, I imagine it would be more peaceful for all of us if I freed her myself’.”

Uni had brainwashed him to “Speak the truth when Tullius asks”.

No matter how useless Count Cartan had become, he was still a former court magician and that was how Uni inherited his abilities and possessed a large amount of magic. In order to prevent any resistance against the brainwashing, she did not try to make unreasonable demands like stop having animosity against Tullius, stop being fixated on your daughter or anything regarding Josephine.

Still, the brainwashing was enough to make him answer this question. If it was not forcing him to say lies and instead forcing him to say the truth, it was much easier.

Tullius smiled victoriously.

“Exactly. I released her collar because it was the most peaceful option of them all. Furthermore, this happened during the wedding ceremony. Count Cartan was of equal rank to the groom, my brother, but was more distinguished because of his long years of service. Wouldn’t it raise a large ruckus if such a person went around telling everybody that ‘my daughter was made into a slave’ to everybody during the ceremony?”

Next, Tullius looked towards Marquis Lavallee who sat behind Count Cartan.

“Right? Surely you would have seen that I was trying to avoid that situation? Marquis Lavallee, the matchmaker for the wedding ceremony.”

“...Indeed, having a ruckus during the formal wedding ceremony would damage your brother’s reputation.”

Lavallee spoke with a hint of sarcasm. As the matchmaker and as a high ranking noble that clearly understands the rules, that was the only answer he could have given to that question.

Lavallee then glared annoyingly at Cartan who gave Tullius the opportunity to say that.

He probably believed that Cartan had been provoked by the youngster and carelessly spoke the truth. Had the Count played dumb and said something else, they could have easily defended against it.

However, that was actually impossible.

Uni made sure of that.

“So the point of contention was whether I admitted that Uni was Miss Anrietta, yes? Well, forgive me for asking, Count. When did I ever imply that?”

“You...you…! Didn’t you persuade Anrietta with words fitting of a Count’s daughter? Your way of speaking proves that! You said she could speak to you on an equal level!”

“Exactly. I remember praising you for that and Mr Tullius was nodding then?”

This time, Marquis Lavallee did not leave everything up to Cartan. He added promptly after Count Cartan.

However, Tullius, Uni’s beloved master, had already predicted this a whole week before so there was no way he was unprepared for it.

“Eh? Are you sure you aren’t mistaken?”

“Mistaken? What a strange thing you say.”

“I am sure it was a misunderstanding. Your excellency must have misunderstood.”

He did not immediately give a clear answer and vaguely answer to annoy them. In doing so, he made the whole thing seem less scripted. Just as the judge got impatient and reached out for his wooden clapper bell…

“Count Cartan! I said ‘Not at all.’ right!?”

“!? Cartan...”

“What about it!?”

Without allowing the Marquis to interrupt, Tullius continued pressing for an answer.

The ringing of the wooden clapper bell followed immediately.

“Plaintiff, what is the point of your question?”

“Before that, just as a precaution, I like to further make clear of my question to Count Cartan. ...Count Cartan, his Excellency, the Marquis, complimented me when I spoke to Uni as an equal. And then, I replied with something along the lines of ‘No, no. ...Not at all’. Am I wrong?”

“Yes, you did say that! But what is the point of...”

“...Did you hear that, judge!?”

Tullius looked up towards the judge.

At that instance, Uni could see her master’s face from the side.

A smile filled with confidence and wit. It was the same face he made when they finished an experiment and got a good result. She has seen that expression many times before, but no matter how many more times she saw it, she would never tire from it.

The judge nodded.

“Ahh, yes. Count Cartan did say ‘you did say that’. The scribe has recorded that.”

“Thank you very much. ...As you have heard, I replied to Marquis Lavallee with ‘Not at all’ to reject it. Towards a Marquis who was an elder and who was the matchmaker for my brother’s wedding, I tried to be as diplomatic as I could be in voicing my reluctance.”

And then Tullius looked at Lavallee again.

“Please forgive my poor upbringing if my modesty made the Marquis misunderstand. Was there a better way I could have put it? I greatly apologise if there was.”

“So in the end, Mr Tullius did not recognise your slave as Miss Anrietta?”

“To prevent any further misunderstandings, I will make it clear and apologise. ...Not once have I accepted that as fact.”

The Marquis was irritated at Tuillius’ resolute denial.

“Then why did you change your way of speaking to her?”

“I remember saying this to her then, ‘It is not good to continue speaking like a slave. Doing so would greatly upset his Excellency’. I was simply ordering her to change her way of speaking as that would make the Count unhappy.”

“Would anybody ordering their slave sound that formal?”

“I assumed that this situation would remain like that for some time. I mean, Count Cartan would be really angry if I treated her as a slave? Won’t that make you really unhappy, Count Cartan?”

“Of course! Would any father be pleased when their daughter is treated as a slave?”

Cartan responded honestly thanks to the brainwashing.

It will only look like a slip of the tongue to a bystander. Marquis Lavallee could not help but show disdain for Cartan.

Uni looked over at the visitor’s gallery and noticed Linus and his wife. The young Count was also disappointed with the elder Count’s disgraceful behaviour. He had rushed the wedding in order to execute the plan. Anybody would be angry that there were so many big flaws with the plan.

Simone seemed to look interested, though.

“I shall be more careful in pouring oil over the Count’s raging anger. I am deeply regretful that the Count thought I had acknowledged Uni as Miss Anrietta.”

“Objection. Mr Tullius behaved as though he was complying with Count Cartan. You even went as much as to bow. Am I wrong, Mr Tullius?”

Lavallee gave up on Cartan and decided to take apart Tullius with his own brains and tongue. Ah, against this sly old fox, even her wise and great master might have some difficulties.

“...Hmm, yes I did bow to Count Cartan.”


“Well, shall we have that recorded as well? Count Cartan, did I bow to you then?”

Tullius had to absolutely avoid fighting in the ring presented by Lavallee.

Pick the easy fights, not the difficult ones. That was the way to maximise efficiency. However, just as he tried to direct the spear towards Cartan, the Marquis obstructed it without a moment’s delay.

“Count, that is...”

“Your Excellency, I am asking Count Cartan. ...Judge?”

“Yes. Count Cartan, please express your views on it.”

The Marquis attempt fell short. For the sake of impartiality, he could not allow them to coordinate their stories.

That was why the judge could not allow the Marquis to hint to the Count of what to say.

Count Cartan glared at Tullius with bloodshot eyes and spoke.

“You said this. ‘Anybody who submits to your Excellency’s might would naturally go to such extents.’ You basically agreed on what I claimed so why are you trying to...”

“Yes, exactly! Did everybody hear that?”

Tullius clapped his hands together and gestured around the courthouse exaggeratedly.


“Yes, I did?”

“What about the judge there?”

“Um, yes. I hear him clearly..”

“What about Your Excellency? Oh, my apologies, surely you heard it loud and clear since you are sitting beside the Count.”

“...Yes, I heard it too.”

Marquis Lavallee could not bring himself to disagree. If he feigned ignorance now, his future testimonies would be cast in doubt as he would be suspected of being old and having a loss in hearing.

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