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Joel’s eyes shone with determination. It was a gleam that only those who were convinced of their purpose would have.

“That’s why I think we have to go deeper. Luckily for us, we haven’t gotten into any accidents while hunting. I don’t think it would be that long until we can proceed deeper. That’s why I decided to discuss this with everybody today.”

“Well, if you think it is safe, then I guess so...”

“Hm. I do agree with Joel but...what happens next depends on our confidence and determination?”


“Of course, I’m sure you guys might feel it’s unsafe or have other opinions. I will respect that and if there is even a single objection, I won’t press the issue. I might just be overthinking things too.”

Joel took a quick look at his party members.

That was how the Guardian of Balance operated. They would only attempt a high difficulty adventure if they have unanimous support from everybody. The ‘Balance’ in their party name represents weighing everybody’s opinion before taking action. It was a principle they’ve had since the party was formed.

“Rosalie, what do you think?”

“If I say no, won’t you be depressed? Spare me from that so―”

Rosalie turned away nervously.

She was the daughter of a regional lord. She was able to learn how to use magic because of her social status. There was only one reason why such a lady would be an adventurer. The reason was because of this reckless boy.

As a child, Joel knew no fear and was curious and even dared to explore a noble’s home as a commoner. The adventures he had was a good way to pass time and boredom from Rosalie’s daily lessons.

And when the two of them grew older, Rosalie’s father started to look for political marriages. She didn’t want that and so, ran away from home and joined Joel, who had left his hometown to become an adventurer. She explained nonchalantly that she would rather waste time meaningfully without even asking to join the party.

“―That’s why, this time too! I’m gonna endure it and join you. It is always, okay!”

She sounded angry but she had no intention to decline. It was because she always found what he sees and what he does fascinating.


“As per the will of God.”

Mariano softly replied as he held the cross and prayed.

He was doubtful of his life at a church in Omnia, so he ran away. Day by day, he watched the hollow formalities of other priests. He was disgusted at the priests who spoke of God’s love and yet looked down on others. Or priests who celebrated abstinence and yet complained about the taste of wine. That’s why he decided to embark on a journey to serve others. That’s why he chose to be an adventurer.

A few years passed and he stopped by at the guild in a small town on his way back home for his spiritual practice. That was where he met Joel and Rosalie. He was disillusioned by the degeneracy of adventurers but was saved by their honest and direct interactions. Once again, he saw hope in the ideals he held. In any case, Mariano enjoyed their company and joined their party. Now, his goal was to impart his knowledge and experience to the youngsters.

“In short, do whatever you think is good. I am in agreement.”

He did not plan on stopping the youths from walking on the path they believed in. There were risks involved, but he was confident that he could shoulder them as an adult.

“And that makes you last, Sheeran.”

“I have a condition...”

Sheeran looked straight at Joel.

On this land, half-elves were a minority, so their social status was low. Most half-elves here were children of enslaved elves bought by humans. Sheeran was no exception. Her mom disliked her since her father was a low-life merchant. Meanwhile her dad was a scum who wondered how much Sheeran could go for since she looked like her mom. When she was ten, she managed to escape from her environment as a pervert’s toy. Thereafter, she hid her face and ears, and lived as a pickpocket in the slums of Canales.

One day, she met Joel and the rest of the Guardian of Balance. She looked down on them and thought they were easy pickings, but soon after, she was caught by Mariano who was used to pickpockets. She was ready to be sent to the guardhouse but they let her off and gave her some small change. She was angered. Joel was a young boy who knew not of the evils of the world. Rosalie was runaway from a well off family. And Mariano was a pushover of a priest. She knew they were born lucky and had a good upbringing. Sheeran rejected the charity, leaving Rosalie and Mariano confused. However, Joel took her hand and said this to her. If you don’t like to be given money, then make your own money. Want to follow us?

Sheeran took his offer. She planned to steal their belongings while on the road but the opportunity never came and she forgot about it. Only after she became good with the bow (she was given the bow simply because elves were good with the bow) did she realise something.

“...If even a single person disagrees, then we won’t do it. ...It is the same as before. Simple right?”

Yes, that was it. The real reason why she did not release her grip from his hands was because she didn’t want to. She wanted to stick with them. She wanted to see the same rose-tinted view of the world that they saw. She wanted to adventure with them. Those were the honest feelings of Sheeran.

That’s why she would go anywhere he went. But, when it gets dangerous, she has to prioritise their survival. Not just her own, but everybody’s survival.

“Ahh, alright. I don’t intend to rush headlong into death. The end of an adventurer’s tale needs to be a happy end where the protagonist makes his triumphant return.”

“Adventurer’s tales for children, right.”

“S-Shut up. You liked these tales in the past, didn’t you.”

The two of them started a quarrel that nobody would interfere in. Mariano smiled weakly and watched over Sheeran.

This was commonplace in their party.

After they were done with exploring the Trees of Darkness, they should be able to bicker like this again. Surely.

The party members of Guardian of Balance naively believed so.



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