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The people around him cowered as if momentarily frightened by the sound of his voice.

They started to remember. Their villages were reduced to rubble all of a sudden. These people raised their voices in unison.

The enemy came to attack them. The enemy plundered the fruits of the labour while killing those who resisted.

That's why they had to abandon their villages and flee towards the city. What would happen if the Lord's army challenged them with a small force and was defeated? The enemy army would do as they have done to their villages, pour into the city of Volden and steal their food supplies and temporary shelters.

“Yes……We cannot run away any further”

"We have no choice but to fight......"

"We’ve gotta beat St. Gallen!"

The call to fight gradually grew, especially among the men.

Don't let the invaders get away with it. Take back our villages, our fields.

One of the refugees suddenly shouted.

"Yeah, we can't just let the enemy do whatever they want! They set fire to any village they attack!"


"Is that true!?"

"Yeah! They don’t care at all! They burn everything from houses to fields! They even burned the church!"

"Umm, in my village, they poisoned the well ...... and one child died because of it!"

"Ahhhh! It's like they’re trying to exterminate us all—"

"They are serious about killing us all!"

Some spoke of how village girls were assaulted. Others cried that their wives were taken away from them. Or how their children were slaughtered.

Slowly but surely, the accounts of the damage done by St. Gallen came to light. The fact that they had been made known once again added fuel to the people's instincts to protect themselves.

And the result?

"I'll fight! I'll fight too!"

"My lord! Let us join your army!"

"We'll take back our village!"

There was an explosion of voices begging to join the army.

Until now, they had been refugees with nothing. But then Tullius guided them. He made empty promises, claiming that food and shelter would be provided.

And now, they believed that there was something worth protecting. Food for today and tomorrow and a warm home to protect against the freezing autumn wind. They believed that they would be given these things, when they have not even seen them in reality, and that they were in danger of losing them all to the approaching St. Gallen army.

That’s why the people decided to fight. They had to protect and to stop losing anything.

Among the people who had made up their minds to do so, there were a few with strange expressions on their faces. They looked as if they had been intoxicated by alcohol or drugs. However, the refugees were now in the midst of a manic frenzy. Of course they wouldn’t pay any attention to a few drunks here and there.

The man on the platform smiled at the frenzied voices of the crowd.

"Thank you...... my greatest thanks to everyone! Let's work together and bring peace back to the land!"


At the shouts of the agitated people, Tullius bent down and covered his face.

He looked like he was sobbing uncontrollably......, or as if the devil was trying to hold back his laughter at the foolishness of the people.



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