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“Do you want to make a deal with me?”

“A deal?”

When she broke the silence between them, the aged woman’s eyes became round and a sarcastic smile appeared on her face.

“Hmph, and I wondered what you were about to say... and of all the vulgar options, a deal? You finally showed your true self. A ploy to threaten me and reap benefits for yourself?”

Ignoring the aged woman’s narrow mindedness, she replied.

“Please do not misunderstand. I have only one wish and that is for everything to return to the way it was.”

“The way it was…? Are you actually saying you want to be the head of this family――”

“It seems your misunderstanding of me was far greater than I had expected…...”

She finally broke her blank face and made an obvious expression. She was sick of her.

She knew she was easily suspicious of others but this was just paranoia.

Sighing at the difficulty of convincing her, she continued.

“I am very certain this deal I speak of will be of great merit to you.”

“Stop beating around the bush…...Hurry up and get to the main point.”

And who was to blame for delaying her from her main point? Well, she did not say that as that would further complicate matters.

She decided to start with what she wanted to hear first.

“I am talking about sealing away the ghost from 11 years ago.”

“What did you say?”

“That must be a common point of irritation for both Madam and I.”

As she spoke, she went closer to the aged woman.
Until they were at a distance where both of them could smell their perfumes from each other.

“――I too, find that Anrietta is in the way.”

  ※ ※ ※

This was a nearly impossible event in the last 10 years, but Linus seemed to be in a good mood when he saw his younger brother, Tullius. After all, after he had made his foolish brother stay in the capital, his wry smile had disappeared and his irritation became increasingly obvious.

Marquis Lavallee made used of his connections to invite both his brother and himself to a social gathering. That has carried on for the past few days. While Tullius had been careful not to reveal his faults in his etiquette during the wedding, he would surely slip up eventually at one of the gatherings. Normally, he remained shamelessly composed when being scoffed at by others, but currently, he was forced to extend his stay in the capital. Now that he was in a helpless state without anything to protect him, the insults had a different effect.

During the functions, he would appear unperturbed but when he returned to the mansion, he would appear to be depressed. Other times, he would see him complaining to his accompanying servants.

It was a tremendously good feeling. Up until last year, he was made to do many things because of him. He could feel a small release from the many years of pent up resentment.

Naturally, everytime Tullius slipped up, the honour of the Oubeniel family suffered. Nevertheless, Linus decided that he would endure it for now. Soon, Marquis Lavallee’s next move will be played. And then, once that was settled, the bell known as father-in-law would be placed on Tullius’ neck. Since the Marquis has strings connected to the bell, he could ring the bell anytime he wanted to.

With regards to the encirclement to finish him off, there might be some added expenses needed to clear up the dirt. In any case, the more and more disgraceful Tullius became, the greater Linus’ share would be.

The Marquis did not visit today. Drinking tea on the terrace felt better than ever before.

The only issue now was,

“...I didn’t think she was this immature.”

As the days grew colder, so did Simone’s gaze. However, it was not a big deal. Linus simply feigned ignorance.

“What are you saying? As the elder brother, personally helping my little brother meet with fellow important people in the capital is my duty. It would help him immensely, you know? I am saddened that you think so immaturely of me.”

“The meaning of words changes according to the speaker.”

Simone appeared overly exasperated.

“I wonder whose idea it was to have the reluctant Lords arrange continuous parties and diligently invite us?”

That certainly had Linus dumbfounded.

For some reason, Simone sympathised with his foolish brother. Was it because of the impression he left when being introduced to him? Or was it because she empathised with him as another person getting caught up in the plans of the centralist faction.

Whatever the reason, she did not have good taste.

Even Linus did not want to team up with the monster-like Lavallee’s faction had it been possible. However, it was better than letting Tullius run wild for even a second. There were conflicts between his own beliefs and the aims of the centralist faction, nevertheless, as somebody who thought about the future of the country, he had to do something to stop his mad brother from his dangerous experiments. His brother was a person who would not mind piling up heaps of slaves’ bodies and sullying the good name of their family to complete his experiments.

For now, he appeared to be a pitiable youth being targeted by his brother and an old man, but his true nature was the opposite. For the sake of argument, he could understand if she did not like the means to put Tullius to death. However, this woman appears to loathe the act of killing Tullius.
She could not understand. She must have heard about the ghastly rumours surrounding Tullius, so how could she be so friendly towards such a person.

“Now, now, there is no need to be so angry. It is about time the ridiculous ruckus would end soon.”

“Yes, right. That is perfect. That is why we are married but do not seem like a couple at all.”

Simone shrugged her shoulders. Her husband was called out for a strategic meeting during their first night and since then, he had been devoted to his work. She could not help but be sarcastic.

“...In short, a fiancée would be found for my brother-in-law, yes? I am talking about Marquis Lavallee doing his best as a matchmaker. Soon enough, a poor girl would be made a pawn of the old geezers once again, and who knows what would happen next?”

Looks like she did not completely read the old man's hands.
Feeling somewhat superior, Linus decided to drop some hints.

“Perhaps, the fiancee would be happy at such a development? After all…… they may already have some secret relationship.”

“Oh. I was ill-informed that there was such a girl who feels that way towards Tullius.”

“Isn’t there one? You know this one person too.”

“Don’t tell me...”
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