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Could it be anybody else other than that girl?

Uni ― ah, no ― Anrietta Pola Cartan.

The girl who was Count Cartan’s long lost daughter.

Tullius claimed that their relationship was not one of man and woman. He said that not to belittle Anrietta, though. Simone found herself thinking about them as Tullius tolerantly sipped the herbal tea which was not in his preferred flavour.

“Hey, Tullius.”


“The person who used to make that tea… was it delicious?”

Curiosity got to her.

“...Yes, very much so.”

He replied while looking distantly.

He was clearly in low spirits. That feeling struck her chest, which was worn out from her dry marital relationship.

As she had expected, that girl was no ordinary existence to Tullius. Else he would not have her serve him for 11 years and he would not have brought her to Oubeniel’s residence for the wedding.

It might not be a relationship between sexes, but it was a relationship that ranked as high as it. Surely there must be something in their relationship.

She was one of the people who tore apart their relationship. Even though it was her husband and the Marquis that planned to call him to the capital and start an incident during the wedding ceremony, she still bore a large responsibility for it.

Strangely, her heart ached. For him, it must be far worse. How could she have thoughtlessly asked him such a question.

“Don’t worry about it. Sister-in-law has nothing to do with it.”


“ I do not mind. ...Anyways, that child was excellent. Even if she is not with me, I am sure she will do well.”

He took a large gulp of tea to hide his emotions. And he commented that the tea was too strong. His face was that of somebody enduring something bittersweet, just like the tea he drank.

“You are kind.”

“I have no interest in pointlessly bringing up unpleasant things with others. These guys who I push around would be greatly shocked at you calling me kind. Right, Due?”

The man who was brought into the conversation smiled awkwardly and tried to reply.
That was when…

“...I will not…trouble...master...”

“Go away! It is… an emergency...”

It sounded like there was a quarrel in the corridors.

Tullius was under surveillance by Linus now. He aimed to stop him from going anywhere by inviting him out for social gatherings and effectively put him under house arrest. Thus, for anybody to meet with Tullius, he or she must first obtain permission from the head of the family, Linus, though Simone was completely unaware of that.

It seems that there was a guest forcing his way to meet Tullius. Finally, the guest stormed open the door. He was a man dressed in lawyer robes who looked like a government official.

“Is this the room of Marlan Viscount Tullius Shernan Oubeniel?”

Tullius seemed unperturbed by this haughty man who suddenly appeared.

“Yes, you are right. I am Tullius.”

“...The High Court summons you. Please comply immediately.”

Simone blinked her eyes in confusion at this scene.

The High Court of Justice was the kingdom’s judiciary branch that arbitrates on conflicts between nobles. Their power comes from the royalty and all nobles whether powerful or weak must comply with them.

Tullius is being called to such a place? Why?

Simone held her breath, wondering if this was a plot in action by her husband and the Marquis, but Tullius smiled without any hint of worry.

“Your worries are unnecessary. If the verdict is truthful, then nothing will befall me.”

“Verdict? Tullius, what did you―”

“Sorry, the summons seem urgent so I will leave the explanations for later. ...May I have some time to change?”

Tullius cut the conversation short and spoke to the man.

The man brushed his moustache and thought for a bit.

“Very well. It will not be appropriate to be dressed in ordinary clothes. For the sacredness of the trial, I shall allow that. I shall be waiting at the carriage in front of the residence. Please hurry up.”

He gave the approval.

“I already know that!”

His reply was full of positive energy. As though, he was about to be reunited with his lover. Simone could not make sense of it.

※ ※ ※

―She could not make sense of it.
The maid working at the Cartan’s family was at the height of confusion.

The reason was because of the illegitimate daughter of the Count, who she started serving 1 week ago. For the entire day, she presented herself with intelligence, so what was she doing now? Has she gone mad?

The scene before her made her consider such an impolite thought.

“...Ah, this is the one attire I like the best.”

The lady ― Anrietta ― was wearing a maid uniform. A deep red one piece with a snow white apron over it. To finish it off, she wore a white brim on her head. Without a doubt, this was the appearance of a maid. Certainly, her prim and proper attire suited a girl like her, but under no circumstances did it match her status as the Count’s daughter.

“W-Where are you going with that m-maid uniform?”

She could not help but ask.

“I am just giving back what I gave the Count.”

The Count? What is with her now, treating the Count as a stranger again.

No, the bigger problem is,

“Please stop, mistress! We are attending the trial at the High Court of Justice! You have to be wearing something that matches your status!”

Right. Despite being called into the High Court as Anrietta, she specifically picked this appearance. Despite attending the strictness of the trial, the Count’s daughter chose a maid uniform? It was completely devoid of any reason.

Her mistress replied calmly.

“Then it is less of a problem.”

“I am wearing something that fits my status.”

“H-How so!? In which kingdom is there a lady who wears that to face lawyers!?”

In complete disorder, she forgot to maintain her behaviour as a maid and shouted.

Anrietta did not look like she was angry, neither was she smiling.



“There is no such lady who does that.”

She was at her wits’ end. She said that but what she was doing contradicts herself.

“And I like to apologise to you as well.”

“No need to apologise, more importantly is that summons...”

As she tried to refute her, Anrietta bowed deeply.

She almost wanted to burst into laughter. That was definitely not a level of respect a noble should be giving towards a servant. It was like a slave giving respects to a commoner. Her mistress in the maid uniform continued to speak.

“I am deeply sorry for pretending until today―”

She could vaguely hear the collapse of something as she apologised in an overly polite manner.
She could sense a big destruction coming.

“―I am not Anrietta Pola Cartan.”


What was she saying?
The maid was thrown into greater chaos.
The girl in the maid uniform continued.

“My name is Uni. I work as a maid and I am a slave.”



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