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Having realised what the answer was, Simone frowned.

“Indeed, it is Anrietta Pola Cartan.”

The very moment Linus said that, he felt an overwhelming sense of delight.

With the flip of a table, the annoying ace up Tullius’ sleeve became the joker that would deal Tullius a death blow. The Oubeniel family’s greatest calamity and his right-hand man will soon fall to hell. Imagining such a scene excites him greatly.

“Of course, even for the Marquis, there might be some difficulties in persuading the father, but it is just a problem of time. There should be some concrete development by next week. Isn’t Tullius a lucky fella? She is a person with good looks and already has an intimate relationship with him.”

Even for a person like Linus, he at least had an eye for beauty like many other nobles. He had to admit though, based on her looks alone, that eerie girl had a beauty that would rank among the highest in the kingdom. Though if one looked beyond appearances, she was a supporter of the demon who wrecked havoc on this family.

“...I didn’t think you were such a despicable person.”

“Hmph. Is there a need to be so concerned? Apart from Tullius, I’m sure that girl would find it a match made in heaven. She would be finally winning the heart of somebody who did not reciprocate to her 11 years of accompaniment. Simone, didn’t you lose your temper at my brother’s way of treating her?”

“In the end, isn’t she just a tool for your plans? If it goes according to your scheme, what would become of Uni, no, Anrietta?”

Her apprehensions were about the treatment of Anrietta after Tullius is dealt with. Of course, after Tullius meets his end, what is left would be a widow who had been married for only a short while. Count Cartan would not want to have his daughter’s history be besmirched by it. Still, it was not anything compared to her former status as a slave.

However, that would only come to be if their marriage came to be. Just trapping Tullius into a marriage with her was plenty problematic.


He had no intention to tell that to Simone. Telling her now would only make her angrier.

He remembered the investigation report written in the plans.

(If the Marquis’ investigation was accurate, then the girl is no longer a virgin)

That bad wife inflicted such a terrible fate on a six year old child. Even for somebody like Linus, who had to endure vulgar scandals about their family because of his little brother, he could not help but feel sick at it. However, if that is the truth…

(Then they would make Tullius bear the crime of that and report to Count Cartan that he had forced sexual relationships on her before marriage. Hmph, seems like the Marquis’ plans are well thought out.)

Basically, things would happen this way. If what Madam Josephine did 11 years ago came to light, the reputation of the Cartan family would suffer. The legitimate wife had used merciless means to torture the illegitimate child. The terrible name would cascade down to even the heir. Before that, if they could have Tullius who was already notorious draw all the attention, it would be better.

Tullius claimed that he did not have any sexual relationship with that girl during the night before his wedding. Surely, the simpleton would be able to figure out that if no blood is found on the mattress when Tullius has his first night with her, then it would become fodder for gossip. With this plan to push the blame onto Tullius, the Cartan family could solve all their problems by making them Tullius’. Count Cartan’s conviction to do it was an unknown, but the risk for his family would be overwhelmingly reduced with such a scheme. It was either become a widow or deflowered later, but either way, both are better options.

Linus couldn’t care less what happens to the girl who assisted the slave-killer who had ruined his family.
“Why so serious, Simone? For you, Tullius and that slave… oh, I mean the Count’s daughter. Anyways, aren’t you all still strangers?”

“Yes, indeed...”

Simone spat out.

“And I am very much unacquainted to you, Linus.”

Linus recoiled at the hostility in her voice.

Linus had only met her 1 month ago. He had mostly left her alone while burrowing himself in political schemes. For her, there was no big difference between Tullius and himself. In fact, she might even feel some affinity to his victimised brother.


He shook his head at that thought.

Tullius might be a noble, but to actually let one’s guard down to that “slave-killer”? Imposible. It was preposterous that she felt closer to him instead of a proper and upright noble like himself.

“...We can get to know each other little by little. We have lots of time for that.”

It took him all his energy to say it.

Simone’s only reply was a scornful laugh.

“I wonder. How can somebody who cannot give his blood-related brother affection, give any affection to an outsider like me?”

“I gave him enough chances and time!”

His loud shouting caused the table and the cups on it to violently shake. The cold tea in the cups spilled on the table.

Simone was surprised at Linus’ lack of patience.

“That happened 11 years ago! In the meantime, how many times have I tried to urge him to change!? It was Tullius himself that ignored my warnings and continued with what he was doing! I can no longer… tolerate it!”

Linus knew his eyes were becoming glassy. But he did not stop. Why must he show patience to his brother now? How many things has he lost because of him? His wife was completely unaware of all this.

It was the same every time he was asked about or shown the deeds of Tullius. Every single time, the gazes that people sent him became colder.

It did not make sense. Why was he suffering from all this?

“...I have had enough of accompanying you.”

Simone said and turned heel. Well, even though she was his wife, she has hardly accompanied her husband in his work.

“Ah, sure. ...I don’t need you to accompany me.”

Linus silently gazed at the outdoors scenery instead of Simone.

Completely unreasonable woman. Normally she would be impertinent, so why is she acting stupidly when it comes to removing his brother.

However, he did not care. The role he wanted Simone to play in the first act was complete. That is ー inviting Tullius to their wedding and trapping him in the capital. She was the partner he needed for this role. All that remains for her to do is to bear his child.

He had no time to spare to play games with this woman. As a governor of a Count’s family land, he had many documents to read and approve, and he had to form connections with the lords and princes in the centralist faction, as much as he detested it. He was also too close to Lavallee. If he did not maintain a tight knit relationship with the other lords, one day, he would be cut aside by the senile man. He planned to create a breakaway faction some day, but that would only be when he can protect himself and his family. So before that, he had to try his best to pretend to be a patriot as much as possible.

“Argh, dammit!”

Thinking about it made him frustrated. He felt somewhat better when he saw Tullius being on edge but his frustrations were starting to pile up again. Work was tough and thinking about his family was agonising. Linus had been working so hard for his family. First, it was his father, next it was his most despicable brother and now, his wife. Of course she was not at the level of his lunatic brother, but she was enough to depress him. It was not that he was depressed with her in bed ー in fact, her beauty was a lifesaver ー but the daily conversations with her.

He initially thought that she was an astute woman. He believed she would fulfil her duty and protect the family, even if there was no love in their relationship. Unfortunately, she became weird after his brother appeared. Originally, she had some misgivings about the schemes, but lately, her dislike for it had been increasing. Despite it being her job to help the family flourish, she was showing sympathy to the greatest threat to their family.

His annoyance grew worse. His pleasant mood while drinking tea earlier disappeared elsewhere. He wanted to beat up anybody who came into sight. He felt like venting all his frustrations on somebody.

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