Chapter 2: In a pinch all of a sudden

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I am Mariabell Tempest. I have become 3 years old.

This development is too fast? There is nothing much to talk about of an infant’s daily life … or more like there is a full load of things I don’t want to say. You got a problem with that?

Two days in and I was yearning for the automatic life so much so that my heart broke. I fully understood that humans can’t die from shame. If I had the abilities to wound myself due to shame, there is no mistake I would’ve killed myself. Rather, I am 80% serious about that.

The inside of me is a person that has gone through life all the way to 2nd year high school student 5 times, totaling that up would mean that I am already an Obaa-san. I’m only given 1 year every round so that adds up to 5 years only though. My mental age is independent of my age so, I have the exact same circumstances with a certain you-know-who primary school kid detective. Not happy.

And I have did not take into account other factors. I did not voice any objections. As a result of being unable to assert any and everything, I have perfected my ignoring skills. Not happy.

Let’s return to the story. The first thing the three year old me did was to start writing and recording as much as I can remember.

Now that the auto-mode function is no longer active, making careless mistakes would either destroy (dead) me or kill (dead) me. What kind of stupid game kills me all the time, god damn, I wanna sell this shit game right now.

The title of this game is “LinaLia” and was named from the language of flowers. It is an Otome game where you can have fun building a relationships with partners and get married. There are 5 capture targets in total.

Now for the cast of the game, members of the Avant Thor magic academy, the second prince of the Craine Kingdom, 『Runa Vi Leonova』.

『Sashia Dorothy』, a thoroughbred who has the world’s best flame wizard as his grandfather.

『Tuvalu Miranda』, the son of the Miranda marquis who is currently acting as the prime minister of the king.

『Niel Juliano』, the youngest child of Count Juliano who works in foreign affairs.

By clearing the four of them, the lock on the secret character, school staff 『Greyest Fannie Sandria』would be unlocked.

Of course they are all beautiful ikemens on parade. They are at the top of the pack, and can make a living just by standing. Your eyes would be crushed if you even dare to directly look into their eyes.

The only information about 『Karen Fleur』that I have is that she comes from a humble background and that she uses reinforcement magic. Racking my brains over the past 5 rounds, I still can’t recall any other information apart from the fact that Mariabell hated her a lot.

And now, 『Linalia』’s main villain. A heroine, shouldering one of the most important role and introduced alongside with the characters, it is I, Mariabell Tempest.

The only daughter of the duke of the Craine Kingdom. I have yet to have spoken about information relating to her mom, so anyways, when Mariabell was around 5 years old, her mom broke up with her dad, and it seems like the father took child custody. As the only daughter and not having a mother around her, to ensure that she does not become too lonely, herfather showered her with love and pampered her. She was treated as though she was the only sunshine of his life. My heart couldn’t help but be drawn in to that.

To be doted upon a father that would could go through hell and high waters for her sake,  venture into the deepest abyss, there was absolutely no way Mariabell could grow up to have a decent personality.

『Not interested because they are plebs』said the Heroine. That borders on a crime …… wait, crime? What shit can you do if the traces were erased? This is the mind-set needed to defeat bullies (TN: or helpless victims). When『The person I like has arrived』, she would freely use her father’s money, connections and authority to become married to that person. The selfish, self-centred and unscrupulous lady is complete. To fall in to ruins (dead) or to die (dead) is just getting the deserts she deserves. When I was in complete auto-mode, I was literally rolling up in laughter and that it serves her right.

However, to the current me, this is a matter of life and death. Bullying, is a no-no. An engagement without love is rejected too.

Under the current circumstances, I have to be careful. I won’t bullying the commoners. Even if I really like a person, I wouldn’t force the person into it.

But, what if my auto-mode returned?

Even if I can move and speak, there is no guarantee that this will remain so. Considering that the past 5 rounds were all auto-mode actually.

What happens if she is pampered, gets carried away and starts acting all selfish again? What’s waiting ahead is simply her destruction (dead) or death (dead), there is no live (alive) route after that in this shit game.

And then …… what if, in her evilest moment, the auto-mode is switched off again?

While noting down the possibilities at length, I became more aware of what could go wrong.

The thing that I need to do first is to crush the flags and not prepare for life after getting rekted.

「…… I need to change the family and living environment or else!」

In the event that I’m back to the auto-mode, Mariabell will not be on the path of ruining her life, not becoming a distorted soul, and be close to a heroine…… ok, it doesn’t need to go that far, just an environment that ensures she picks up the basic moral values.

I shall nip the buds of why Mariabell Tempest ended out to become a selfish, self-centred and unscrupulous lady.

That is the number one thing that I have do, now that I have finally regained the ability assert myself.

× × × ×

To improve the environment, the first thing to consider is the problems of her parents.

Mariabell became selfish because her father spoiled her, and the cause for that is her parents’ break up, is the first problem for me.

Why, did the two of them break up in the first place?

For the past 5 rounds, I believed the reason for divorce was her mother.

Reason being that her father loved her mom very much.

Her father named her『Mariabell』based on the names of『Virgin Mary』and her mom 『Belldelia』.

One of the reasons for Mariabell being excessively pampered was the divorce. Nevertheless, her father doted on her because Mariabell had the identical facial features with her mom, such as her pastel purple eyes. In my opinion, the spoiling is inevitable since his daughter had similar characteristics to the very person he loved.

Apart from ensuring that his daughter was not lonely after the divorce, maybe he himself wanted to alleviate his loneliness by pampering his daughter.

Naturally, such a father couldn’t have initiated the divorce.

Therefore, it is highly probable the person to have suggested the divorce is the mother. So I deduce without concrete evidence though.

「…… Umm, Okaa-sama is」

「Madam is tired now」

「……. I see」

The maid replied bluntly.

Yet I was given nearly the same reply every day for this week.  It seems my Okaa-sama is considerably busy. By the way, Otou-sama, who should be the head of the family, comes in to say Ohaiyou daily without fail though. Why the heck would the wife be even busier than the backbone of the family.

Despite the maid taking care of me and handling the household …… Okaa-sama, do you have a lot of hobbies? That’s bullshit.

「What’s happening man (or woman)……」

Is meeting with your mom even such a difficult task? When was the last time that she interacted with Mariabell I wonder …… there are really so few though!

As soon as I weaned off breastmilk, the maid became the one to take care of me. From then on, the interactions with Okaa-sama decreased significantly, even now I can’t meet her nor converse with her. Can’t even see her face once in the entire week ……are we even parent and child?

Despite gaining my freedom and being able to walk on my own …….

Before the both of them break up when I am 5 years old, would I be able to find the reason behind it and resolve it?

No matter what, I am just a 3 years old toddler. “Please don’t break up –!” I could make a racket with that and could possibly achieve something but, making my move without understanding the symptoms, the furthest I can go is to get them to break into laughter.

「The current situation is far worse than I initially thought……」

“I have my 5 rounds of memories and I surely can work something out.” Should I really be that optimistic? Ahh, I’m already yearning for auto-mode……
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  2. "rekted" - proper imageboard lingo is "rekt", sounding somewhat like "wrecked".

  3. There is nothing much to talk about of an infant’s daily life … or more like there is a full load of things I don’t want to say
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