Chapter 1: Good afternoon, baby

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In any case, the first round was surprising.

When I first opened up my eyes, I found myself abruptly in the senior high school entrance ceremony, furthermore the building for the ceremony was luxurious and gorgeous and I doubt any human can keep up with such a development. The confusion inside of me went past the stage of madness, but thinking back now, my expression and actions back then were still acceptable.

If the truth about me was discovered, I’ll probably be given the nickname of degenerated woman. I hate that.

In the second round, I was earnestly praying that all this was a dream but my heart knew the chance of my wish not coming true is 99.9%. I cried while time flew by.

From the third round onwards, it had become real serious.

After all, no matter what actions I do, even if I dislike it, I am still unable to achieve anything. It is all because I can’t move and talk according to how I want to. This is what it means to be in auto-mode.

I had obtained this completely automatic body before I even knew what was going on. Not cool.

And now, the fifth round is coming to an end.

I could no longer hear anything; my eyes weren’t close but my vision became all dark instantly.

Several seconds later, I opened up my eyes and saw the same old scene – the senior high school entrance ceremony.


The vision that reflected into me as I opened my eyes was the pastel pink ceiling.

Wait, what? I should be in the gymnasium right now according to the current development.

“Maria-chan, have you woken up?”


The voice that reached my ears while I was still in bewilderment was not a cheeky male voice, neither was it the calm voice of a female. It was a lovely and gentle female voice that I was very familiar with.

Next, I saw a hand holding on the handrails near me. From gazing at her well-trimmed fingernails, I slowly shifted my vision upwards.

A pair of pastel purple eyes. Big and round eyes that gave a childish impression. The elaborate hair accessories that were on her casually plaited golden hair were a perfect fit for her. The score for her face would net incredible ratings and while this might be a mass produced 2D face, it is makes her a super cute girl.

But…… who is she? I haven’t seen this person in the five rounds I have experienced.

“Maria-chan, start changing your clothes once you have fully woken okay?”


As she said that, I realised my hands were full. While I was still in chaos, I had slowly lifted myself up, and understood where I was.

From the colour of the ceiling, I had guessed that the walls would be pastel pink in colour too. The windows leading to the balcony had a roundness that made them cute. There was a cabriole table with a white design giving it a refined and high class feeling. And of course, the baby crib canopy.

Yep, a “baby” crib canopy.

Of course that was where I was sleeping on earlier.

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  1. > is a baby
    > told to get dressed by herself

    > wat

  2. Lol
    I was confused at that too
    And who was that that has big round pastel purple eyes and golden hair?

    1. I would say it’s her wet nurse/ personal maid

  3. The story is interesting


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