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A sound that resembles the dazzling gleam from ornamental lighting reverberated in my ears.
This is the fifth time already so I am already well accustomed to it.

I unconsciously furrowed my eyebrows, bit on my lips, and painfully clasped my hands together. I’m sure anybody who sees me now would be overwhelmed with humiliation and profound grief.

In reality, I feel not the slightest sorrow, and really feel that it has finally ended.
“Why…… Why has this happened!!”

While thinking, I released an unexpected hysterical scream. Wow, I didn’t know that even I had such an amazing hot-temper.  My mouth started to move against my will, murmuring “why” repeatedly, despite the air that was filled with happiness, it gave off an ominous feeling. So horrifying.

 “…… Mariabell”

Mariabell. That is my name.
A handsome boy with slightly long platinum blonde hair and golden eyes looked at me and opened his mouth.

“Mariabell, my apologies. I like …… Karen.”

There is 3 more seconds before the shocked me would run away from here.
And it would be another 7 seconds before everything takes a turn for the worse.

+ + + +

“LinaLia” – the title of a romance fantasy Otome game. This world is a swords and magic world, where various trials have to be overcome to build romantic relationships.

The setting is at the Avant Thor Magic Campus.  This super celebrity school is for people such as those with royal blood, the son of an artist or rich people. The game starts from the transfer of a rural plebeian heroine with a rare talent to such a school.

There are 5 targets for capture. One is a teaching staff, two are Senpais, another one is a Douhai  and the last one is a Kouhai,  so that it is more fun due to the balance of romance targets to choose from. Of course, all of them can be considered attractive. Their 2D specs are simply too sick.

The story unfolds with the romance between the heroine Karen Fleur with the disgustingly high-specs princelings.

The golden straight bob,  the marine eyes that gives the impression of the deep sea and transparent-like white skin. This beautiful girl is unquestionably the epitome of cuteness.

She was kind and quiet, a girl that was cheerful and positive but was slow in matters relating to romance and can be considered an extinct species. In addition, she has a rare ability of “Reinforcement Magic”, and can hold the title of a heroine that gives a sense of relief and stability.

The characters in “LinaLia” seem to be very common and even the targets share a common romantic theme.

Even the title LinaLia is from the languages of flowers.
“Please be aware of this love.”

It might be a bit difficult to understand so I would explain it specifically and clearly. This game’s romantic theme is “One-sided love that is not allowed”.

There are individual routes for the 5 different capture targets and it is possible to become a fiancée after getting approval from parents.

The fiancée’s name is Mariabell Tempest.

She has a soft, violet and wavy long hair. She also have pastel purple eyes and eyelashes that seem to  extend such that they form a continuous border on her face.  Her smooth white skin that is likened to be white porcelain, her tiny face and her delicate and lovely curves from her silhouette. She has used all the 2D heroine privileges without holding back and has become a divine beauty …… I think.

This heroine’s sweet face is loved by all but really, it is a 120% evil face and I wonder if this story would be told from her perspective.

Well then, I have spoken for too long and it is time to get down to the main topic. I think it is likely that a huge majority of you all can predict how this will start out.

I am now in the world of “LinaLia”.
As the villainess – Mariabell Tempest.
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