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A young lady ― or more accurately speaking, a young child ― was soaked completely in a translucent orange liquid. Her dainty body floated within the cylinder while asleep.

She was not completely naked. On her head was a silver ring of which purpose was unknown. It seemed to be part of Tullius preparations. It was probably not just for decorative purposes.

“This is the experiment to create an improved homunculus with superior magic and adaptability towards different elements. Can you tell? The differences in experimental setup?”


The differences in machinery was obvious. On the base of the cylinder, there was a magic circle with large jewels embedded in it. Also, on the side or behind it was a flashy metal box with bundles of strings connected from it to the cultivator.

“What is this. I question. Could it be. The Vril Generator and Orichalcus Brain?”

Fem was referring to the two components that formed her core.

Vril Generator was a magic furnace that could generate magic without exhausting so long as special fuel burned in it.

Orichalcus Brain was a logical device to imitate the human brain.

It did not look like it was included half-heartedly.

“Oh? Fem is quite astute. Well, since it is a part of you, I guess so? Exactly. It provides magic to the cultivator and at the same time, provides higher order magic and knowledge sleep-learning. Of course, these are simplified versions of the kind that is in you.”

“Hmm. Then are these jewels and the magic circle to strengthen elemental magic? Ruby, emerald, topaz, sapphire… these are the four classical elements. And to complete the pentagram, the crystal which represents the sky. If successful, this individual would have magic powers that surpasses mages and even possibly mine.”

“What? Surpass even senior Drei as a mage...wouldn’t that be on the level of a sage from the mythical era?”

“...By the way, what is the circlet on her head for? Some kind of good luck charm?”

“Yup, an important good luck charm. It has the obedience spell like those in slave collars infused in it to directly insert loyalty. Wouldn’t it be a problem to have the test subject wield such powers before brainwashing?”

“...Is that so.”

Due was disappointed at the unexpected answer given.

Before birth, this subject had magic infused into her, knowledge baked into her and furthermore, forced into obedience.

This young lady was pitiful.

In the end, even if she was an EE series elf, she was not that different from normal homunculus. They were unblessed illegitimate children at the mercy of their creator alchemists. They were also just cannon fodder.

The hopelessness of the situation made his conscience hurt.

Naturally, the situation continued regardless of a lackey’s feelings.

“Introductions over? Behold! Let us wake her up now!”

“As you wish. Third iteration of strengthening cultivated elf. Begin.”

Uni started operating the machine after receiving Tullius’ enthusiastic command. There was something that made Due feel unsettled about that though.

“...Third iteration?”

If this was the third, then there were two other attempts before this?

“Ahh, the first two strengthening experiments ended up in great failure. The first exploded after the machines overloaded, while the second self-destructed after being overloaded with magic? No worries, we have corrected those flaws so this time should be all good! Third time’s the charm!”


Due had found himself lost for words repeatedly today.

This means he had killed two cultivated elves twice already. Not long after their birth, ah, even before birth, their lives were taken.


“Please do not touch the machine. Who knows what would happen if an amateur messes around with it.”

As he involuntarily stretched out his arm, Uni stopped him.

At the same time, due to the command in his brain, his entire body froze like a stone. His reconstructed brain must have deemed his actions to be disadvantageous to his master.

All that was left for Due to do was to stay silent.

He only could pray that this ungodly demon’s experiment was a success.



The child for the experiment floated quietly with her eyes shut in the cylinder.

At her feet, the magic circle that provides magic glowed ominously.

“Generator output stable between 58 and 60 percent. As far as operation goes, it is extremely stable at the moment.”

“Good. Raise the output.”

“Okay. Raising to 70 percent.”

Uni operated on the knobs of the machine.

Flashes gushed out from the bundle of strings suddenly.

“Whoa whoa whoa! Is this normal!?”

“Keep it down 04. I caution. This probably poses no problem.”

After Fem said, the flashes stopped.

However, something strange happened.



The young girl in the cylinder stirred.

Her curled up limbs started to slowly grow. Her height was also growing and her spine turned and turned around.

“Generator output at between 67 to 73 percent. It is minute but I can feel some instability.”

“Prioritise the stability. Keep the output at this level.”

“As you wish.”

“...Is it just me? This person just got taller?”

Due muttered.

He had wrongly assumed at the start that she changed her posture. But that was wrong.

The girl in the cylinder definitely became taller. Not just her height, her facial features have grown too.

At first she looked like she was around 6 years old but now, she looked like a 10 years old.

He could not believe such a rapid change.

“The magic supplied is used to promote body growth. That’s why she got taller. That’s the basis of the cultivation system. ...So, Uni. What is the range of output now?”

“Rest assured. Stabilisation is successful. It is around 69 to 70 percent now. ...Do we increase it?”

“Of course! This time, 80 percent!”

“Okay. Targeting 80 percent.”

The machine output was raised.

Another flash of electricity ran through the strings and the magic circle became brighter.

The test subject started to gasp and was struggling.

“...Ugh! ...Ugh!!”

She clutched both her throat and head, squirming as through she was drowning in the liquid.

“Is this fine?”

“Obviously not, Drei!? No matter how you see it, she is dying!”

“Not yet.”

Paying no heed to Due, Tullius calmly observed the test subject.

The young girl looked like she was around 12 to 13 years old now. However, the young maiden with features prettier than flowers was obviously in pain.

Without a hint of concern, Uni plainly reported.

“Output at 80 percent...unexpectedly stable. It is fluctuating between 78 to 82 percent.”

“Hmm. Looks like stabilising at 70 percent was effective.”

“Oi, master! Stop going further!”

“Keep quiet, Due. ...Uni, raise it to 90 percent.”

“As you wish.”

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