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Umm, what was the problem. What is going on?
I, Tullius Oubeniel Shernan, was somewhat baffled at the white and black elves who were facing each other.

Opus 06 had just completed the experiment to insert magic and improve elemental magic though cultivation. After being urged by Uni to greet me, for some reason she greeted Drei.

Why? How did this happen?

As I was thinking, Opus 06 squinted hard and scrutinised Drei.

And that it hit her.

“Ahh, you are right! Umm, you must be Opus 03, Miss Drei? I learned that during sleep learning! I won’t make the same mistake next time!”

From her crisp and smart greeting earlier, 06 spoke in a childish manner.

“No, isn’t it obvious...You shouldn’t have made the mistake in the first place.”

Due interjected.

And then she bowed sincerely.

“Yesss! I will pay attention in the future!! Thank you for the guidance!! Opus 02, Mr Due!”

“Huh? M-me?”

...However, she was facing Charl. They had the same sex and nationality but their voice, appearance and race was completely different. How could she mistake them?

As I was perturbed by these contradictions, Uni spoke.

“Master, Perhaps she has vision problems?”


Now that she said it, that could be the reason. She was squinting when she was mistook Drei with me so it was possible she had myopia.

“Is that so, 06? How is your sight?”

“Y-yes! F-Father!?”

06 jumped up in surprise after being called by me.

Charl commented.

“Senior Due, did you see that? The jiggle. Her boobs jiggled!”

Let’s ignore him. It seemed like he had an issue in the head and it was not something I was capable of curing. More importantly, I need to confirm the irregularities of 06.

She pointed outwards from her chest with both her index fingers and bashfully replied.

“Ummm...I can see, yes? ...About as far as this.”

Then that means she can’t see. Really bad myopia.

“That’s myopia.”

“Myopia, yeah.”

“Myopia. Is my assessment. I recommend. Specially made glasses.”

Uni and the rest were in agreement. This was outside my expectations though.

“This was probably a side effect of over accelerated growth. Maybe the rapid growth caused defects in the eye...Are there any other anomalies with your body? Come over here. Time to do a quick examination.”

“Ah, yes!”

She dashed over.


...Suddenly she fell and her face landed on the floor.

There were many awkward situations today.


She started crying. Crying like a child. Ah, but since she was borned not too long ago so she is no different from a child actually.

Nevertheless, she looked like an adult female, so the difference in her behaviour and appearance was jarring.

“Oi...No matter how short sighted you are, how can you fall over nothing?”

“Ahahahaha! It must be her chest shifting her center of balance! Buahahhaha! My stomach hurts!”

“I conclude. She has bad motor skills.”

“What the. Although she has this much magic.”

The other ‘creations’ were both perplexed and fed up.

Oh dear, despite their new junior. They should be more welcoming.

Uni could not stand it any further and went to help 06 up.

“Are you okay? Opus 06.”

“Hic...hic...Thank you, Miss Fem.”

“I am Uni.”

“Huh!? S-Sorry!”

She mistook somebody again. How many times is this going to happen? Please stop with this gag. We cannot make any progress like this.

Uni held onto Opus 06 arms and guided here to me.

“Okay? The person before you is your master and your creator. Don’t make a mistake again and greet properly please.”

“Y-Yes. ...Good morzi...good morning, father! Opus 06 has awoken!”

While being grabbed by her scary senior, she finally greeted me.

“Ah, yes. If nothing else, I welcome you Opus 06. Hmm, I cannot call you by number all the time. Your name shall be...Seis. From now on, you will be called that, remember it.”

“Thank you, father! From today onwards, I will be Seis! I will remember it!”

As 06 ― Seis said, she placed her hand on her chest in a prayer and chanted her name.

Looks like she liked her name.

There was still something bothering me.

“By the way, Seis. Why do you call me ‘father’?”


She blinked her eyes as though she was caught unguarded.

“Umm, father was the person that made me and is a man right? Then the correct word to use is father. That was the conclusion I came up with during sleep learning.”

“Ahh, so that was why.”

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