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The machine became extremely hot.

As the indicator exceeded 85, the flashes continued without stopping.

The magic circle flickered, sometimes at an intensity that might blind eyes.

That was not all, the jewels at the base of the cylinder started to melt and some parts were evaporating. A weird smell enveloped the room as the minerals melted.

“Master! Master! Oubeniel! This is definitely bad! It’s gonna explode!”

“It is within specifications, so it is alright! We planned it to last at the limits of the first overloading. This much should be fine.”

“B-But if by some chance it explodes?”

“I have defensive gear so it is alright.”

“Then us!???”

“A vampire like you shouldn’t die? As for my other ‘masterpieces’, they aren’t so weak that this can affect them.”

Perhaps Tullius was right. Even during the first explosion, Uni made it out with all limbs intact. Then even Charl, Fem, Due or Drei should not have problems with this level of destruction.

The only one who would die is...the test subject, the young girl.


The young girl’s growth continued. Not long after she grew to look like a 15 years old human, she started to look like an 18 years old. Her arms and legs were long and slender, and her body was also richly endowed, unlike that of a normal elf.

However, this was not the time to be awestruck.

Now, the young girl's eyes were open and she was knocking on the cylinder with her hands and asking to be let out.

The liquid inside bubbled as though it was boiling.

“Isn’t that enough, master!? She is awake now! Her body has fully grown!”

“Keep quiet, Due. ...The output is unstable again. Alternating between 86 and 93 percent very quickly.”

“Go at full power.”

Tullius coldly ordered.

“Full, power?”

Due spontaneously repeated Tullius’ words. Being unaware of the technicalities, he did not understand what was happening. However, from Uni’s reporting, he believed that keeping the output stable should have been the order.

Why did Tullius order to go at full power then? He had a bad feeling about it.

“We are near the limits of operation of the machine. To reach the minimum required magic capacity, we need to go at full power.”

“Yes. Raising it to maximum immediately.”

The master ordered without feeling pangs of guilt; the retainer obeyed unhesitatingly.

Output to the maximum.

The electrical discharge from the machine was now sending out whips of electricity indiscriminately in all directions. The hem of Charl’s cloak was burnt and he cried out loud pathetically.

The magic circle beneath the machine reached maximum luminosity too and began releasing puffs of black smoke.

The test subject… could not be seen.

The liquid inside the machine bubbled and the white foam obscured her figure.

This was basically just like the Japanese torture by boiling in a kettle. Due could not see what was inside, but he was certain that nothing could live inside.

It’s over, thought Due and his shoulders dropped.

This was clearly a failure. No human, elf nor homunculus could stay inside that boiling liquid and make it out alive. Every part of the body would be inflicted with third degree burns and then the person would die.


The bell connected to the machine suddenly made a piercing ring.

As soon as the ear piercing alarm sounded out, Uni calmly flipped the switches on the generator and the output started to drop.

“The experiment is over.”

At the same time, Tullius lightly tapped on the noisy bell and stopped it.

What experiment…

Due silently cursed.

He wanted to cut Tullius and Uni now. He wanted to finish Charl and Fem off and then die together with Drei. If not for the brainwashing that prevented him from rebelling and self harm, he would have already done so.

There was a dark feeling swirling in his chest. It has only grown ever since he heard Drei attacking an elf village, Uni betraying her parents, Broussonne being razed by rioters and the experiment now. Even though it was an artificial life, it was still a baby dying before his eyes. He was at his limits. Any more with this madman and all his pride and honour as a warrior would turn to shit. Before that happens, he wanted to bring this devil down. But that was fated to never happen. The price he paid for his life was the freedom to act like that.

While he was lost in pointless thoughts, Tullius walked as near as he could to the badly damaged machine.

Due unconsciously followed him with his eyes.

“Open Sesame.”

As Tullius whispered, the cylinder which should not have any openings at all, opened. The steaming liquid inside spilled out spontaneously.

Steam and a medicinal mushy smell emanated from it.

Even though the experiment had failed, surely he would not miss the opportunity to examine the corpse. As expected of the ‘Slave Murderer’, how hardworking...such sarcastics thoughts crossed his mind.

However, those thoughts vanished the very next moment.


A cold chill, cold enough to freeze his spine into an icicle, ran through him. And then an intense sensation pricking sensation. Being pressed by such a sensation, his first reaction was to reach for his weapon.

What he had sensed was a magical aura stronger than anything he had ever felt before.

Due had no affinity for magic. But with a body upgrade, he gained the ability to sense the magic of others. The feeling was unlike anything he had ever felt before, enough to alarm him.

Looking around him, Drei had instinctively readied her magic, while Fem was clenching her fists in a stance to confront an enemy. Uni had, without him realising, moved to cover Tullius. The only defenseless person was Charl, who was curiously looking around.

What they were on alert from was hidden in the dense white fog, in the direction of the cylinder. The magical aura came from it.

―Tap, tap…

It was the sound of feet. The sound of somebody walking barefooted.

Along with it was the sound of dripping liquid.

The silhouette within the fog was slowly walking forward.


It was a naked girl.

Her wet golden hair was messy and long, just like it had never been trimmed since birth.

Poking out from the sides of her face were long and sharp ears.

But the most eye catching feature was her body. Long eared elf women were known for their dainty and slim body, but the impression she gave was completely opposite, in a good way. Her hips were slender like average elves and her chest were as well endowed as the ancient mother goddess. Her booty could only be called juicy.

Her beauty was further enhanced by her pale white skin. The unknown dense aura came from this girl, who appeared to be that of a goddess.

The silver circlet hit the ground with a clang. Did it drop because its purpose was served or because of the girl’s intentions? No way to know for sure. However, this reminded him that the girl, the test subject, was as powerless as the fragile looking silver circlet.

A painful silence surrounded the atmosphere with the appearance of the girl.

However, it was only for a short moment. The quiet was quickly broken by somebody clapping his hands.

“Wow, good morning! Cultivation elf test subject 3. It was a precarious situation but looks like the experiment was a success?”

The person clapping his hands in a jest was Tullius.

As he happily smiled, he announced to his subordinates that this girl was the test subject and it was a success.

“This magic and the presence of a spirit that lies inside it, it is undoubtedly a ‘creation’ of mine. ...From today on, you are Opus 06.”

Opus 06 ― selected among the mad alchemist creations to be the accursed 6th masterpiece. That was the meaning of the name he gave to the newly born girl.

Next, the first of his ‘creations’ spoke to the new ‘creation’.

“Now then, Opus 06. Please show your respects to your master.”

Opus 06 looked around absentmindedly after being ordered and gradually walked towards the person in question. She stopped right in front of him and lowered her head.

“...Good morning. Esteemed creator, father.”

A sweet voice that would capture souls.

A polite and fluent tone.

Her bow was also proper.

A perfect greeting unexpected of a person who was newborn. The only problem was…

“...Oi. Why are you greeting me, 06.”



The person she was bowing to was Drei.



All the grace and refinement from earlier became swapped with awkwardness and silence.

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