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Indeed, the sleep learning was to impart a minimum level of common sense and knowledge to her, but unlike the other mass produced EE series, flexibility in thinking was left untouched. She was thinking of what to call me and decided with ‘father’.

“Well, alright. If you obey me, calling me something different is not a problem.”

“Yes! Seis is a good child so I will listen to whatever father says!”

Seis pumped her fist to the air and declared. Once again, there was a discrepancy between her looks and her behaviour but at least there seems to be no issues with loyalty.

Of course, I would still give her the same brainwashing like I did with Uni and Due.

“Master, is she acceptable?”

Drei had a bitter expression.

“Opus 06 is indeed incredible in the aspect of magic, but she is considerably lacking in other areas. Since we can mass produce them, shouldn’t we dispose of this and make a more perfect 06?”


Seis looked like she was about to cry again.

Drei’s concerns were understandable. We already have a Charl who was unstable in the mental level and Seis was also lacking in her physical capabilities. It was normal to hope for perfection if possible.

Though, I disapprove.

“Drei, don’t say such wasteful things. Certainly she is lacking in some areas but Seis was specially strengthened in magic. As long as that is successful, there is no reason to dispose of her.”

I shrugged my shoulders and explained.

“Firstly, it isn’t particularly a problem if she has myopia and has motor skills problems? Her role is to support magic research with her large pool of magic. I have no plans to send her out on the battlefield presently. With spectacles, she would be able to work in a lab just fine. Well, that is if no other issues arise later.”

“F-Father...Thank you! Seis will work hard!”

Seis kneeled in front of me with glistening eyes. And I just said that I would consider Drei’s opinion if more issues crop up. Would this child be okay? I was feeling somewhat worried.

Clearing out random thoughts in my head, I continued.

“Also...look at all these overloaded and damaged machinery. Just one of them cost so much resources to make. The manufacturing cost is insanely high. Fundamentally, when creating an Opus series, I ignore efficiency in production.”

I was looking at the smoking generator and cylinder, which parts are now lying around. Also, the floor was spilled with the cultivation liquid. Everything here was one time use only. The only thing safe to reuse here was the Orichalcus Brain, which was used for sleep learning.

The biggest pain point was the jewels used for improving elemental magic. Ruby and sapphire were not obtainable from this underground mine. They were all procured by Laubert during autumn. And now the jewels were all melted, clearly unsuitable for second use. If that miser were to find out, his blood would surely boil.

“We paid this much to conduct these experiments 3 times before finally succeeding. Rather than hope for success the next time, it would be much better to use her as she is. Even with her flaws, she still makes for a good observation subject to gain data from.”

“Huh, Oubeniel. Looks like you are siding with this child. Could it be? It must be her chest right? Interested in that?”

“Enough with your nonsense, Charl. Do you want me to stuff a garlic in that mouth and sew it shut?”

“Hiee!? Please no!”

Charl jumped away exaggeratedly and covered his mouth with his cloak after being lightly threatened.

Then Seis spoke.

“Yes yes! Father! Please let me try doing that!”



“Try what?”

The other ‘creations’ mouths were left agape and Seis continued.

Both her hands were on her cheeks and her chest jiggled side to side. Her innocent expression was that like of a maiden from a dream.

“If we sew up the mouth of a vampire, what would happen? If something wrong happens to the body, how shall we treat him? Or maybe leave him like that? Ahh, or maybe we should put him on a hot iron stake too! I wonder how he would heal if we add foreign substances into burnt parts of the body? Ahaha♪ Just the results from these would be enough to last 3 meals for me! ...Ah, speaking of which, I have never eaten any meals yet. How does it feel to eat delicious food? Or what about unpalatable food? Hehehe, so many things to learn about the word...I’m so glad to be born. I am really really grateful to father....Ahh, my great father.”

Her monologue was endless.

“M-master! T-This! Too scary!”

“Will this be alright, master? Perhaps Charl would really end up in some weird experiments...”

While being hugged by the panicking vampire, Due asked.

Really. The men here lack courage.

“Nothing to be concerned of yeah? I tuned up her curiosity during sleep learning. Isn’t this a good result?”

“I agree. She appears to be loyal so there will not be a problem with her listening to master.”

Uni added on and their expressions became less tense.

But then, their face became suspicious again.

“Dammit, just because she was just born, don’t look down on her. Now that I think about it, there was no way this would have been a piece with a cute face.”

“How did it become like this...This is no elf...Not the cute elves I know...”

“How gutless, you two. ...So how is it, Drei. Have the doubts on Seis disappeared?”

I prompted Drei.

This was initially about erasing Drei’s doubts but Charl butted in and derailed the conversation. It was troubling that he was always like that. Well, research on the EE series would be underway soon so it wasn’t all bad news.

“Hmm...A problematic talent, but I can understand that disposing her now would be wasteful.”

“Hm, for now, that is okay. Seis, we shall proceed with the finishing touches. Follow me to the operation room to do brain reconstruction. You are fine with getting a change of clothes after that right?”

“Yes, father♪”

Seis replied happily and held onto my sleeves. It looks like she was doing that because of her myopia. Please don’t fall again, okay? Please, I beg of you.

Together with Uni, my assistant for the operation, we brought our newborn client out of the research section. I planned to study the other 9 EE series at the same time.

Alright, let’s fix this kid real quick and move on to the next research.

Once spring arrives, I would have to handle more work as lord so I wish to do as much as possible during winter.



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